Dekel Agri-Vision PLC is the 100% owner of the vertically integrated Ayenouan palm oil project in Côte d’Ivoire, which includes one of West Africa’s largest crude palm oil (‘CPO’) mills and a state of the art, computerised nursery capable of handling 1 million seedlings. 

Deploying a collaborative business model, the 60-ton per hour mill at Ayenouan processes oil palm feedstock grown from over 3,000 regular small holder suppliers, with the remaining 1,886 hectares coming from company estates. The Company also has rights over 24,000 hectares of expansion land, which would be used to provide additional feedstock for the production of crude palm oil (CPO).

Dekel Agri-Vision Limited oversees the entire production process at Ayenouan which is capable of producing 60-70,000 tons of crude palm oil per year, making Dekel Agri-Vision Limited one of the largest producers of palm oil in West Africa.   CPO produced at the mill is sold to customers via long term supply agreements.